Fellowship Components


The introductory immersive is held mid February. This retreat gives Fellows the opportunity to conceptualise the program, frame the goals of their projects and become familiar with each other and the political landscape they will be engaging with.

The retreat is held at a prestigious location outside of Melbourne and will cover a range of topics from ‘positive engagement in student politics’ to ‘executing political projects’.

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Workshops are fundamental to the delivery of the curriculum of the Fellowship. Through the series of the workshops that will be held from March to August, Fellows will gain essential skills and knowledge to build on their capability to lead positive grassroots social and political change on campuses.

Every workshop will be centred around relevant skills and knowledge components which can be used by Fellows as a tool for project planning, strategy, and management.

Workshops are held every two – three weeks, beginning in March. Workshops are held on Sundays to avoid clashes with university timetabling.

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US Tour

Each year the Susan Wakil Fellows partake in an immersive political tour of Washington DC and New York. There they meet with emerging startups, policy developers, policy makers, journalists, congresspeople, diplomats, community organisers and experts from a range of prominent think tanks.

The US tour provides Fellows with the opportunity to engage with representatives from every aspect of the political and media landscapes. The tour focuses on professional insights and best practices into the world of policy development and change making.

Whilst on tour the Fellows are exposed to innovative tactics and proven political strategy which can be incorporated into their social and political impact projects. The US Tour is held from the 3rd to the 18th July.

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The project stage of the Fellowship is held for a five-month period following the completion of the workshop curriculum and the US Tour. These Social and Political Impact projects will have financial, administrative and network support from the Fellowship.

Projects are planned, developed, and executed in teams, and with the help of industry experts. Each project focuses on the individual interests and concerns of the project
team, in consultation with, and with the support of the Fellowship Directors and the Fellowship Subcommittee.

In the lead up to the project phase public events are held in Sydney and Melbourne that promote action on issues important to students and the student community. Previous public events and projects have raised awareness and support for student mental health, student financial welfare, improving student general health outcomes, sexual assault on campus, addressing racial, ethnic and gender discrimination and improving access and interaction with student media.

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Each Fellow is matched with a mentor to complement their personal social and political
interest, as well as their professional ambitions. Each mentor is an outstanding professional in the Jewish community, who we believe can offer invaluable perspective to the ongoing development of each Fellow.

Fellows and mentors meet once a month for a structured 30-60 minute meeting. Totaling 8 to 10 meetings in the year. Fellows are free and encouraged to develop and sustain this professional relationship beyond the scope of the Fellowship Program.

Passed Mentors have included Federal and State Members of Parliament, NGO Executives, Public Relations and Communications Experts, Corporate Strategists, Law Firm Directors and Chiefs of Staff. These past  relationships have led to internships in Canberra, Washington DC and New York.

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Political Training Seminar (PTS)

PTS is an exclusive AUJS political leadership development immersive, which is run in the nation’s capital and is offered free of charge, including flights to Fellows. PTS participants are given the opportunity to engage with Federal-level politicians, lobbyists, key media figures, and opinion leaders. Political skills training and tours in key sites around Canberra are also included in this program. PTS will likely be held in August 2019.


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Internship positions will commence in the summer holiday period following the main components of the Fellowship. Fellows are offered placements in organisations related to the political landscape and policy making environment of Australia.

Such organisations include think tanks, unions, offices of MPs and political parties, government departments, non-governmental organisations, Jewish community representative organisations et al. Internships may involve a part-time commitment for a 1-3-month period.

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